Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well Owen and I had not much on the agenda today. So we biked down town to play at the playground. He had a blast. We did this for a good 2 hours and then went to the grocery store for more apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and clothes pegs!!! The plan if things go well is to bike again early tomorrow morning after we get the girls on the bus and go back to the park as I just noticed behind the youth centre is some great murals and am going to get Owen to pose in front of them for some neat photos.
It's all good!

Help Wanted

I can ask but I don't think anyone wants to do my chores as well as theirs. Trying to get on top of some of this so I can get out with Owen and enjoy some of the nice cooler weather here. I am not a fan of the over 35 degree weather. So the 30 and under is just great after that. Well best get back to the cleaning.
It's all good!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family, Friends, and Photos Week

Well last week wasn't all that exciting so sorry for not putting anything down. I have been busy trying to get photos of landscapes for my assignment and Cobar was not inspiring me last week. These next few photos were on the weekend when the girls came with me one morning and we played. I bribed them with a trip to the bakery after for donuts, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes.

The girls had a busy week at school. Owen and I were just biking, backpacking,climbing over fences and walking around town. We went for a swim at the pool with friends one day too as it was near 37 degrees. The girls received a NSW Books in Homes Award. So they get a book to take home next Monday. Hopefully more to report this coming weekend.
It's all good!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shopping and Bubbles

Well had two days and one night away from the gang in Dubbo. It was so nice but yesterday and even today Owen seems to be very clingy like "how dare you leave me mommy to have some you time!" So I am not getting much done but hold Owen and do some things with him. It isn't too bad if you think about it but the laundry is piling up and it is taking a lot out of me to put up with the whinging all day that I just crash when Eric gets home instead of going to my pump class.
Yesterday we blew bubbles with this large bubble wand I found. Today I don't know what we will end up doing as Eric just called me to bake as he forgot it was his arvo tea day. This off course is not going over well with Mr. Owen who wants me to give him attention and I don't have patience to let him help as I am on a dead line!
This is some of the shopping from Dubbo!!! Funny how it is all right to spend money on diapers, toilet paper, groceries you can't get in Cobar, Birthday gifts for Owen, and some new school uniform clothing. But to spend that same amount on a new camera lens is just wrong. I think I would have been more happy with the lens!!!! By the way that above picture isn't all mine!!! Some of it is Sam's as well.
This is just a photo from one of our stops on the way home. I need to look up the history of this station and find out the story behind this huge house. Well hopefully tomorrow will turn out better and I will get my energy and child number three back to normal. It's all good!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids - 2, Window -0

This is what happened when child number three put this head through the window! Child number two did the same thing a few months ago to the neighbours window one afternoon.
Owen is fine. He was sitting on dads lap reading a book and kissing him later on in the evening.

The week has gone, other then the window, pretty uneventful. Owen and I have been biking and walking around Cobar taking photos and getting some exercise. The girls have been doing the NSW Reading Challenge, homework and just learning, learning, learning at school. Hannah got her first Merit award this week for being a good reading table leader. Eric will be earning lots of Daddy Points this weekend because I am going to Dubbo with my good friend Sam. We are so excited. Two whole days away from the little ones!! Shop, Shop, Shop!!
It's all good!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone. We aren't doing anything
celebrate here in Cobar. They don't do anything in this town.
It's sad really. More was done back home. So Owen and I
went for a walk to the Newie and took some photos. These
are the ones I like from today. So back home for some naps
and later Ciara's first piano lesson! It's all good!

Check List

Hello Monday and the million things I have to do.
Owen and I are off on the bike this morning with my neighbour Sam and her son Aidan.
We have to bike to the Nursing Home to drop presents off, a friends to drop off some bowls I borrowed, bank, play group for a play with Owen, post office, pharmacy for crazy hair day supplies, and finally groceries before heading back home.
So we got all my list above accomplished and even got mini easter eggs for the boys to eat while watching all the construction going on downtown.
The boys didn't make it home for a nap in their own beds. They passed out half way. Man oh man are they cute!!!
Well time for some more nap time and making dinner before heading out to exercise class tonight. Sorry no photos of Eric playing netball yet. Maybe another time. He scored a goal. It's all good!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Parties and Reptiles

It has been a very busy weekend for us. Friday night we had a 50th Birthday party. The kids had a babysitter and always love her.
Saturday Hannah had a birthday party.
Owen and Dad just chilling in the morning.
Ciara was bored with Hannah away so the neighbour Gabby came over.
Owen ran around with some of Hannah's fairy costumes cast offs after she went through outfit after outfit to get the right fairy costume to wear to the birthday party.
And then the most exciting moment in the weekend..........

A lace monitor. The neighbours think we are the Doctor Dolittle house. We have been getting a lot of creatures at our house lately. No snakes thank god.
Anyway the girls were in the living room and heard a noise. They came running to me saying mom the neighbours cat is trying to eat a lizard. I thought it was a little gecko. Looked out the window and this thing was climbing on the window. I grabbed the camera and made Gabby go get her parents to take a look. Eric was at the birthday party with Hannah. So this cool Lizard is actually very very nasty!! Bites bad, wipes his tail around and has claws like an eagle. (that's why they aren't the best photos I could get. I was a tad bit scared to get close as was my neighbour Samantha!!) Gabby's dad, Mike, called someone to come help remove it. Great gentleman that let us pet him and told us all about the lace monitor. They are actually migrating right now to find a home for the winter since the temperature is getting cooler here.
It's a crazy house here in Cobar. But such a great adventure. Eric is playing netball tomorrow for a charity event. I'll see if I can go get some photos of it as he has never played before, and for that matter neither have I. It's all good!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow in Australia

I am just realizing blogger is on North American time. So when you are reading the stuff it is actually "Tomorrow in Australia"
So I just thought I'd throw this in for all of you to remember!!!
Enjoy the day everyone. It's all good!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Tea

The first photo I put in the blog. Isn't usually mine. I found a sight with cool coffee cup slogans. So I have been stealing them. The next photos are mine.
We are very popular this week. Morning tea at a friends just 15 km out of town on a property Tuesday morning. Morning tea at my house Thursday, and morning tea at a friends around the corner on Friday morning. My oh my. Weeks go by with no invites and then.....................................

Not complaining. There is always some new recipe we are trying out on each other. (this week banana bread, pumpkin scones, roasted tomato tart) The kids wear themselves out before nap time. Good laughs, good fun all around. Some occasional gossip!!!
Now in Australia tea is a term for every meal. Breakfast is always called brekkie, but then morning tea at 10 ish, tea for lunch, afternoon tea around 3 pm, and then tea again for dinner. Just look at the clock and you know what tea it is suppose to be. I love all the Aussie terms that get said over the course of the visit. Fair Dinkum after each sentence, kids are feral, arvo, spewing, good on ya, ropable, etc etc.
Time to clean up the kids mess. Owen is asleep so a few hours of extreme quiet here. I should do my assignment but I might just sit here and enjoy the silence for a bit longer. It's all good!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love my life

I love Wednesday's!!!! That is when my awesome cleaning lady comes. She such an awesome person, awesome with Owen, and just plain awesome at giving me clean floors and bathrooms. Granted it only lasts until the girls get home from school. But for 5 beautiful hours my house looks like I imagine it will look when the kids have left!
Today I forgot to get money, the night before, so I could pay my awesome cleaning lady Tess. So Owen and I got suited up for a bike ride into town to go to the bank, get groceries (did I mention we can get them delivered!! love it), get some photo frames to give thank you's to the nursing home. Three cute older men were my hand models for a photo I had to submit. So am giving them the best shot for a thank you gift. Then
got on the bike to race home before Tess was finished cleaning.
Didn't get a photo of this but had bought Owen a 10 cent Easter egg. Mini one, I turned around to see how he was and I couldn't believe how one tiny egg could make such a mess!!! So I threw him in the bath to wash off when we got home. The car was in the drive way. Poor Eric is feeling under the weather. So he is sleeping now and I will see if he wants some soup in a few hours.
So this afternoon looks like long naps for the men in this house. I can put the groceries away when they come at noon. Then just wait for the other females of the household to come home and start the homework load. It's all good!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ah the kids are back to school after mid term break. As much as I do love my girls there is something to be said for just Owen and I doing things at our own pace.
So it is back to rituals........
Wake them up, breakfast, school uniforms, school lunches, teeth, hair, toilet, mad dash to the bus stop for 8:25 am and then quiet!!!!!
So Owen what should we do? Bike ride to town to shop, or take some photos for mom's professional photographers course? Should we call someone up and go for morning tea and a play date? Maybe just sit at home read , scrapbook, do some of my assignment and play with the trains?

At some point Owen has an afternoon nap (maybe mommy too!), and then at 3:30 pm the bus comes home and the noise begins again. The girls run in the door, drop the bags, grab some food, watch play school on the tv, and wait until Daddy comes home at 6 pm for wrestle time!!! Dinner, homework, and bed. The ritual. It's all good!