Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Holidays - We're out of here!!!

Only a few more hours and we are on our way to South Australia for the Easter and School Holidays. Two weeks of exploring. The girls had an Easter Hat Parade at school, so there is a few photos of that to look at. Also took the girls and their friend out a bush road and got some photos of them in front of an old run down cattle pen. So enjoy and in a few weeks will have some more photos to post for you.
It's all good!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Last night in a single word was hell!!!! Ciara woke up screaming at about 2am that here ears were hurting her nose was hurting everything was hurting. The screaming woke up Hannah who started crying and Owen who joined in. So Dad pumped Ciara full off congestive medicine. Which took it's time to work and Ciara just continued to cry until her ears popped and then she finally passed out. So everyone slept in. No bus, no school, noses running, bags under the eyes and just plain unhappiness in this house.
Hopefully it all improves by Thursday as it is the girls last day of school before holidays. They have an Easter parade to show their hats, and Easter lunch with mom and dad, and then some surprise Easter treats.
We are then heading off for 2 weeks of vacation in South Australia. So everyone better get well or it will be a rather sad beginning of a holiday.
Eric is feeling fine. I am starting to feel congested or is it just the lack of sleep starting to take effect? I don't know but maybe I will join the mob for a nap in front of the TV. Owen is snoring in my arms right now so it seems like a good time to find that warm flannel blanket and join in.
It's all good!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well we had lots of birthday things this week. Last night we went to our neighbours little guys 3rd birthday. Was a lot of fun and 15 kids had such a good time. The mom's and dad's didn't have such a bad time either.
Our little guy turned 2 on the 2nd. His champagne birthday. Just with no champagne. He blew out the candles a first and his favourite gift was a battery operated chain saw that dad bought him. (not so great gift for mommy as it is super loud!!!) Great gifts from other members of the family as well. Thank you to all.
So now comes the terrible two's huh?
It's all good!