Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frost, Rugby, Hair Cuts, and Doctor Appointments

Well it has been a very busy week. At least it seems like it to me. I don't know if I have accomplished anything off my list. I seem to have added more and still running around today trying to finish up for the Cobar Women's Rugby team's first game tomorrow June 20th.
So besides a few cold morning where the frost greeted us the rest of the week has been filled up with last minute rugby problems. Like no insurance being approved even though sent it in two weeks ago.
The girls and Owen needed their hair cut. But the girls decided they wanted to go shorter. So we have two bobs now and man they are very cute. Doesn't hurt that their hair is so much easier to brush now.

The Strom's kidney problems are still continuing. Hannah has been having a lot of bladder infections in the last 6 months. She had one a week and a half ago. Went back and she still has it. So we are on antibiotics nightly like Owen was to keep in under control. Next Friday we go to Dubbo to get some more testing done for her. And then most likely will have to go to the specialist in Sydney that we saw with Owen. Owen is fine and he will get his yearly ultrasound when Hannah goes in for her dye test.
I will keep you posted she is running around fine not complaining about it. So that is good. She is complaining though that she isn't learning how to write fast enough. These sight words as she says she doesn't like. She says she's suppose to remember them and she can't and how is this helping her write stories!!
It's all good!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zero degrees and Frost!!!!

Well it got down to zero last night here in Cobar. The houses are freezing here. I miss Canadian built homes. So Eric had to scrap off the car, the grass had frost on it , the girls put extra sweaters on this morning to catch the school bus, and after two hours with the heater on we still only were at 14 degrees inside the house. I went for a walk with the neighbour down town to get groceries and it was still quite chilly in the sun. We had to bundle the kids up in the buggy. I wish I could have stayed in the flannel bed sheets all day.
I suppose it's still all good!

Newcastle Relatives

During the war my grandmother's sister met an Australian airforce pilot that was training in Canada. He asked her to marry him and she got on the boat and headed to Australia to marry him. She had two children Ian and Dianne who have been over to Canada with Great Aunt Gene to visit the Canadian relatives. Very very slowly the Canadian relatives get over to see them. It was our turn this time. Ian's wife Maureen spoiled the girls rotten as well as us. We had a great brekkie at Bar Beach where they go walking and surfing. We got to shower , three days of no showering at Stockton, at Dianne's house that she built with her mom Gene. Then lunch at Black Butt Sanctuary where Gene use to go to get ideas to paint. We met Maureen and Ian's kids there. Then back to Dianne's for dinner to celebrate her birthday and some good conversation.
It was great to hear all the stories of how Gene was coming over to Australia. Maybe a little homesick like I was at times. Feeling different then Australian's and ahead of the times. Great to see where she painted and lived and just plan great to visit these very incredible relatives who made us feel very welcome. We will have to do it again.
It's all good!

Stockton Beach, NSW

We arrived in Stockton Friday afternoon. 8 adults and 5 children. A great bunch of South Africans had included us in this adventure. We all met up at the service station at 4:30pm but by the time we were all sorted we got on the beach road into Stockton beach in the dark. Didn't put our photos in of us getting stuck and stuck and more stuck. We finally found our camp site. Set up and were greeted by this lovely view in the morning. So all worth it.
Not the most warm of weekends but lots and lots of fun, laughs and memories.
John Micheal, Liza, Marcus and Yanni
Desiree, Eerised, and Christian James
The camp site!!

Stuck , Stuck and more being stuck!!!

It was a blast and more than All good!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

This is the third day of rain in Cobar and it is suppose to rain for 2 more. It feels like home on these days. But what doesn't feel like home is having to go to the laundry mat because there is no dryer in this house. So that was my job today on a raining Tuesday here in Australia.
Owen and I had fun looking at the machine, magazines and people walking in. We had lunch out at the hot bakery. Then home for a nice long nap.
Sunday while it was raining but not so hard we finally had our lunch with friends. 9 adults and 13 kids. It was so nice and we all had a good day of talking and eating. The kids didn't have any dramas either.
Ciara is home from school now practicing piano for her lesson tonight and Hannah got off the school bus at her friends house for a little play tonight.
This photo Eric took of Owen and I looking at each other in the bathroom mirror. It is just nice to have pictures of mummy with her babies. Something we all forget to do.
These next four photos are some of the ones I took at Camera Club day a week ago. We had to take photos of interesting shapes, closes up and just scenery photos. Don't know if these all apply but ones that I liked.
It's all good!