Friday, August 28, 2009


We drove to Adelaide (9 hours) the hoped on a plane and flew to Perth for a week. Had a lot of fun visiting friends. This is from last of the trip to first of the trip when viewing the photos. We visited two couples (old friends) from Canada with their new little ones that are more then cute. We also visited our neighbours from Cobar that moved to Perth almost a year ago. The girls were in heaven playing with their playmates again. Beautiful days and rainy days. Great food and talk. Too bad we didn't have another week. Would have been nice to see up North and the fields of wild flowers and then down south to see the Pinnacles. But maybe another time.
It was all good!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Australian Beauty

Spring is coming fast in Australia. The trees and shrubs are going mad. We are officially being transferred back to Canada. With this spring beauty coming out now and summer on the way I get a little sad that we are going to miss it here as well as back home. Autumn is my favourite month at home in Canada. But I don't know how we will go with no summer at all this year.
People keep asking me how I feel about the move. I am so busy right now with finishing off my jobs here in Australia and getting new ones added to my list by Eric that I haven't had time to digest it all. I'm getting a little sad today when all the kids had play mates over for a long play day. They will miss their friends terribly and Owen has such a good mate two doors down it is so cute to see them get into mischief together. I do love to explore in this country there is so many new things to see so that part of living here I will be sad to leave. We will have to keep the exploring of country you are in when we go back home. Eric and I haven't seen the east coast. Might be the thing to do for a holiday next year.
I am also realizing that the jobs I have been doing in the community people do notice what I do. They are sorry to see us go and have been commenting on it. Oh the joys of being in mining. Moving, career goals, dream location and happiness all get mixed up and you don't always know which one is right and sometimes you think it is and later realize it isn't.
It will be all good!
Time for the next adventure.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sports Day

Hello everyone. The girls had sports day or track and field day in North America. They had fun. They don't get to compete in the next level. Have to be in grade 3. They had fun though and there was lots of fun events to do while the older kids were competing. Hannah got first in the 50 m dash and Ciara was running well until she lost her shoe. She turned back to get it but still finished the race and the teachers and I were so proud of her for doing that.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spring is coming

This is our almond tree. It is in bloom and the bees are buzzing around it. My laundry is drying faster out on the line and Owen loves to come out with me more now and playing in the sheets or the sandbox. The weather is getting warmer during the day.
It's all good!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twins and their sister

My children don't want to be my models anymore so I can practice. Therefore I ask friends if I can borrow their kids. The neighbour behind me has 9 month old twins and a 22 month old . So perfect as she sometimes doesn't get the camera out as often as she would like. These looked good in colour too, they all have bright blue eyes. But I love black and white. So the black and white wins out today.