Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!!!

The kids eagerly waiting for daddy to get off the plane in Dubbo. We took the day off school and came down to Dubbo to get Daddy after his week in Canada.
Lots of hugs!!! Then the wait for the luggage and the surprises he brought home for us. Fish crackers, peanut butter cups and first class travel bags!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing You

I had great plans today the girls have play dates so I thought great I can tackle all the laundry. Well it is pouring rain and the laundry will have to wait. So instead I have nothing to keep myself busy with and I haven't been able to get a hold of Eric. So I'm moping. It is hard to get him when I can't stay up late enough for him to wake up and with Kamloops being new and light until 10pm at night he isn't at his hotel room still very very late and we are usually out when the small window of opportunity to phone him before he goes to sleep happens.
Hopefully I can get him today after lunch here in Australia. Find out how the interview went and what houses he looked at today.
It's all good!

Women in general why are we so cruel to each other?

I was in the shopping mall and saw this little boy around 3 or 4. He was crying his heart out and yelling at the top of his voice for his mom. I followed him with my bunch past the toys and to the front check outs. He was still calling at that point. Then he raced off and I noticed he had found the mom. So we checked out. Owen had found a blue and pink doll pram and was pushing it around the store. Checked out the price and for $8 thought why not. So we got through check out and the mom and boy were there and she was giving him what for. The little boy looked at Owen and asked his mom what Owen was pushing. She looked at me and said very loud " that is a girlie pram and no little boy should ever push one of those." I thought to myself man why do we as women just do such cruel things to other mom's. Yes lady you lost your child and was probably bottom of your gut falling out scared. And now embarrassed but why do you (or other mothers) have to put down my (or other woman's) parenting just because you have messed up? Is it suppose to make you feel better? I guess those questions will never be answered. We all mess up from time to time. But really a 2 year old pushing a pram is just practicing to hopefully be a good daddy down the line and a hug to that scared little lost boy would have done such a world of better then a scolding to your feelings of messing up at that moment. Oh well.
It's all good!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Doctor's, lots of driving, and bagels!

We are back from Children's Hospital in Sydney after seeing the Peds. Urologist. So reflux isn't the big problem with Hannah. The big problem is that her urinary system hasn't properly developed. It is underdeveloped. All neurons, and impulses aren't firing correctly. So we have a long few months ahead of us retraining her to feel impulses or just go at certain times of the day. Something that has to be done or she will have a lot more problems as she gets older.
Then in three months we go for a test to see if there has been any damage done to the kidney's having not known what was going on. So that is the kidney issue dealt with.After all of that we got Eric on a plane to Vancouver and then to Kamloops for a job interview/transfer. He arrived safe and sound and is slowly trying to remember how to drive on the other side of the road!!! Likes Kamloops, hasn't found out about the job requirements yet. Interview Friday North American time.
After getting Eric on the plane we started the 8 hour plus drive back to Cobar. We drove for about 6 hours and then stopped in Dubbo for the night. Did some shopping since the winter clothes were on sale here, some new movies, and a special stool for Hannah to learn to relax on the toilet. (maybe she should just watch her father!) Had a good night rest and then started out to Cobar in the mid morning after looking for trundle beds for under the girls beds. We are thinking sleep overs!!!
Bagels, Beautiful Bagels, how I have missed you. The one and only thing I truly miss from home. Mini bagels were so perfect to put in the lunches and the kids will eat them without fuss. WELL I am so happy to say that the Woolworth's Bakery in Dubbo now makes them. I got there this morning at 8:30am to get the last 6 they had. Someone else must have discovered them. So my beautiful bagels will be enjoyed for breakfast and lunch (toasted onion, turkey!!!!!!)
It's all good!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camera Club Day Out to Mt Gundabooka National Park

The Cobar Camera Club met up on Sunday and went to Mt. Gundabooka which is an hour north of Cobar near Bourke. We had a great day taking photos, seeing rock art, water, bush walking and having a nice picnic. It was a very nice day and great time with some very neat people.
Enjoy the photos
It's all good!

Hannah's Kidney's

Well Hannah has reflux grade 1. Different reflux from Owen. We went down on June 26th to get some tests done in Dubbo and tests came back with reflux. She still has been having bladder infections and problems with the medicine. But we have it settled down now and she's on a nightly dose of medicine to keep things at bay until we go to Sydney on July 22nd for an appointment with the Kidney specialist at the Children's hospital.
Then Eric is getting on a plane to Canada. Kamloops. Job interview and maybe a transfer back to Canada. So we will see how it all goes and get back to you with the details. Kidney and Job wise. Was hoping to get close to mom and dad's. But 4 hours or so from Ryan and Jody and little ones isn't too bad. As well as 2 hours from Chilliwack and Dad's cousins!!!
So off on a little adventure for the last week of School Holidays here in Australia!
It's all good!

Taking a break

Sorry everyone. Since June 18th I have been taking a break from rugby and other daily things and trying to get back to photo taking. I have been very slack at it and have noticed it is suffering with my course. So I have just been trying to practice, practice. Had a few doctor's appointments thrown in there for Hannah's bladder infections. Then I got sick sick sick beginning of July for over a week. High temperature of 103 for 3 days. Ugh! Lots 10 lbs in a week yeah!!! Just starting to feel normal again.
We are on school holidays now so just letting the girls sleep in and do nothing but play with the neighbours.
So that has been life. Not terribly exciting.
But its' all good!