Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread houses

Since the girls missed making gingerbread houses at school we made one at home.   This is before it all just ended up in a big puddle as the icing slid and the roof fell off.  Only one more sleep and we are off to a big family Christmas.   Tonight we are going to the Christmas of Lights Festival.  
It's all good!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Practicing on photo size

Practicing, practicing this week.   My next assignment is to get my portfolio done.    So in doing that I wanted to update my blog and have people see the photos in larger size.   I'll have to see how I like it and you as well out there.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine and the next day!

After school yesterday we all went to the free clinic to get the h1n1 shot. Here is Canada it has been really pumped in the media. So I felt we had to. The hockey arena where it was at was a nice arena. Owen just loved watching the local team practice and the girls wanted to know why the glass was up and they couldn't touch the players. I guess it is time to go to a game and show them why the glass is there!!!!
Got home and everyone was a little off. Ciara had freaked out getting the shot and then set Hannah off. Owen just thought they were all a little nuts!!! But about three hours later everyones arm was sore . I started getting achy all over. Ciara wanted a bath and then she was in bed asleep by 7:30pm. Owen fell asleep not long after that and it was so cute to see him in his sleep screw up his face and then reach for his arm saying baby ow! So in the morning I couldn't get anyone to wake up so I let them sleep and called the School saying we were not feeling well after the shot. Which is true. Hannah now at 11am still hasn't eaten anything and Ciara is still on the couch with aches. Owen is the only one running around like a mad man. I am still not 100%. Just want to sleep. The only bad part of this is they missed Gingerbread house making today.
Tomorrow hopefully all better and I have to take Hannah for some kidney testing in the morning.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Minus 23!!!!!!!

That's right. I'm not faking it!! I ran out of the house to start the car and this is what greeted me. Temperature of minus 23. Eric warned me. But I didn't believe him. Yes the warm Australian weather with no snow shovelling, no extra clothes, no freezing nose hairs! But I fluffed him off saying I missed home. Hummmmmmm............
It is starting to feel like Christmas though. And as much as I would love to have a Christmas tree it won't happen this year as we will be away most of the season. So instead I did some other decorating around the house. Won the centre piece at Eric's work party. So that with nuts and oranges just feels like Christmas in Canada. I am also saying to myself that next year (if I don't decide we should just move back to Australia) in that huge new house with the fire place. Will look stunning with a huge 6 ft plus Christmas Tree in it.

So the rest of today. Owen and I are just curling up in the blankets and watching Thomas. I might venture out of the blanket to finish up my photo assignment and the gifts I am crafting, or just to get some lunch. We have to unbundle ourselves to get the girls from school and then head to the free H1N1 clinic at the hockey arena. Hummm the smell of stale boy sweat I have forgotten that smell. Tomorrow I hope that it is a little warmer Owen and I are off to help do Gingerbread houses at the school.
It's all good!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

-15C, Christmas Cards and a PD day

It is very chilly today. Just like yesterday. (Minus 15!!!!!!) Thank god that it was a school PD day. So the kids stayed home. I settled in to my large amount of Xmas cards and the kids were parented by the computer and the DVD collection. Though they did do some crafts with me too when they could find some space on the desk. We stayed in PJ's all day. So relaxing and so much done. I stopped and cleaned the floors for a break along with two loads of laundry. Sometimes that school routine is nice to break from.
But today back to lunches, snow pants, mittens, and rides to school. Hannah is showing off her tooth and they are getting ready for their school Christmas concert on Thursday. The Grinch. Tonight is pizza and games night at the school. Everyone is so excited to have pizza for tea!!!!
It's all good!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bindies and It's on!!!!!!

Look at this. I pulled out my boots to go out to dinner with hubby and found....... yes you guessed in bindies from Australia still on the bottom of my boots!!!
So got me thinking of everyone back in Australia and especially my good next door neighbour that has received the best Christmas present ever!!!
So as I set here at 9am on a Sunday morning in the ever dropping temperatures. Eating oatmeal. It brings me to the "It's On" Challenge we keep saying to each other. Since I am not close by to go for a walk every morning with you or ruin it all and go for caramel filled chocolate dipped donuts or morning tea or booze after school or............
What do you think of doing something blog to blog to get us getting to this "It's on Challenge" so we do become the sexy 35 plus year olds we should be!!!! Think about it and get back to me about how you want to do it. Since you don't get chemical help to beat me!!!!!! (thank god!!)
It's on!!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.......or close to that given the circumstances!!!

Hannah's tooth has been getting looser and looser over the last two weeks. She has wanted to have it out so bad so she can add her name to the wall in her class. Well we were at Eric's Kids Christmas work party and she went ooh my tooth hurts when I eat this hot dog. I looked in her mouth to see her tooth twisted and bent back toward the tongue. Grabbed a tissue and it just popped into it. So we have the first tooth out for Miss Hannah.
She is so HAPPY!!!!!

Santa around Kamloops

We have been to the mall to sit on Santa's lap, and to Eric's work kids Christmas party. Candy, Christmas games, Decorations, demolished Snowman Cakes, and the wonder in all the kids eyes. Fun Fun. It is coming up this Christmas Season I remember. I post the photos with Santa when we get them. Hopefully!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was blog surfing and came across this photo. I was drawn to it and wanted to post it as December is upon us. I missed white Christmas' so much while in Australia. The smells, the Christmas carols sounded different then from home, the first snow fall and walking in it at night. Turtles, and all the foods you remember from home. Now that I get to have it this year. I am missing the Australian Christmas. The huge poinsettia's that last until June. Not freezing going to see the Christmas lights. Friends inviting you over for a beer and a swim. I guess neither Christmas will feel right from now on. Having tasted both you always wish for both. These adventures our family has, have changed us.
It's all good!