Monday, March 29, 2010

Bubble Wands and Photoshop

Okay I think I have gotten the hang of photoshop.   Granted this might be too much colour pop with Hannah's dress but I am just so excited I figured it out finally.  Hannah was twirling and twirling but never at the right angle to get her without the pole.   Didn't want to instruct her just wanted to enjoy the moment of childhood.   Got to love bubble wands they make great big bubbles  and they only cost me $2.00.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seriously how do you work with this?

I don't know if this applies to just me thinking please Owen just let me practice.   Or him thinking the saying of me.    I am not having any luck.
But this next photo I had to put in.   I just love the colour.  Finally I took some pictures today that aren't the dull grey bleak colour to them.   Winter maybe slowly leaving since I see some buds on the trees and some tulips coming up thru the soil.  Colour.   I didn't miss the lack of colour that comes with Canada when in Australia.  Sun and red dirt just give some life to things.   But bleak end of winter colour is so depressing.  Maybe that's why I have been in a funk.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom I want to go Shopping.....

So Ciara comes home from school and announces she wants to go to the mall to go clothes shopping??!?!!?!?!?     When did this happen?   Calmly I ask why do you want to go clothes shopping?   Well because all I have is pink shirts I don't want pink shirts anymore.  I want blue and green and other colours.   Oh okay.     Well maybe Thursday when I get the car.  Okay and off she goes.  My god it has happened she isn't my pink girl anymore.  She is growing up and that's cool and scary and the same time.  

Monday, March 22, 2010

There's nothing like a new haircut!!!!!

                                                                                                                                                               Finally went and got my hair trimmed up after months of letting it grow out.   Now I feel much better and can continue on the growing it out path.   I feel like a new woman!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mining Website

I am seeing if anyone reads this.   My test.   I know a lovely woman that I met for a very short time in Cobar that has started up a website to help mining families.   So I want everyone that reads this to send the link to someone else and get her website very very popular.
It is for all mining families even if you don't live in Australia.   If you are Australian living elsewhere if you used to live in Australia and then are in a mining town somewhere else.   Use the site.  Look at the site.  It was a very very smart idea and will help us all in someway as we struggle with loving and hating this lifestyle that we choose to get into by marriage or career.
Check it out and send it to someone you know.   See if I have any influence on the world wide web!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cleaning crew

So the weather is warming up.   Eric was looking at the fruit trees and decided to prune them.   He put Owen and Ciara to work dragging branches up to the side of the house.   Here's a little taste of the house.  I'll post some more in a few days when I scramble around the bushes to get a good front view of the house. 

Somedays this.....

 staying at home mom thing isn't so bad.   Sorry to my girls but it is usually when I just have Owen by myself during the day.    A day like today makes the lack of pay,  the taken for granted,  the same thing day after day, and the not what you thought it would be like staying home.  Actually feel like you imaged it to be.   It is on a day when my chores are done, not perfect but it looks decent and I'm content with it all.
We walk home from dropping off the girls at school and he waves at the garbage truck guy,   points at all the tractors,  ohh's at all the dogs , and asks if we are going home for tea?   That I just slow down and enjoy every moment.   Home for some more breakfast and a bath.   Taking the time to play with the great Winnie the Pooh bath toy we have.   Giggling and splashing water.   Asking what his name is only to be told "me".   Pointing at his nose and asking what it is.   It's mine!!!   It's is your nose?  Yes.   Can you say nose.   No mine!  
Warm hugs in the towels drying off.  More giggles, kisses,  and hugs.   Cuddling into my side as we have lunch together and watch a movie.   Playing with dolls, trucks, balls, and blocks.   Yes I could be doing more productive things.   But he is growing up and not my little baby.  He's funny and cuddly.  It won't last much longer.   I want to soak it in.   Smell him and cuddle next to him in my bed in the morning.  Because some day all my little ones will be adults and living their much longer life not in my house.   Hug all your little ones because in the skeem of things.    They really just want you for such a little time of our 80 plus years of life. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Spewmaster........

So Saturday morning we decided after reading up on some of the things to do in Kamloops to head to Wells Gray Provincial Park.    We wanted to scope it out for a camping trip this summer and see the apparently 4th highest waterfall in Canada at over 463ft.   The waterfall is called Helmcken Falls named after a physician with the Hudson Bay Company who helped bring British Columbia into the Confederation.   But he never did see the falls!!!   The Wells Gray park has 514,000 hectares of park land and we are very intrigued to do some tent camping and canoeing this summer here as most of the park is closed for the winter.  Before it was a park this was hunting ground for the Shuswap and Chilcotin natives.  Then became homesteading land and in 1939 finally a park.    So as we headed out for this adventure and half way through our trip Hannah announced she wasn't feeling well......  Thank god we had a bowl in the back seat!!    Eric didn't want to go back so we continued which was great,  though long drive the scenery is pretty incredible.   We got to the park had a picnic and just enjoyed the fresh air.   Ice cream before heading home and more spewing.   Exactly 9 times counted and announced by Hannah.    Home for some movies on the couch and a warm bath. 
Adventures...... good and bad come with them all. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I wake up to...

It is an amazing view.    Sometimes I still think it is a dream.   Then I hear mummy??  And reality sets in.    Enjoy your morning. 

Monday, March 8, 2010


A lot of the photography blogs I have been looking at have been challenging themselves to take a family photo every month.  Because they don't take enough photos of themselves or of the whole family together.   So I thought I'd try.   This is my March attempt!!!   Bedlam!!!  But lots of fun.  Then I just played with the kids after.   Face it men hate doing this.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday's and Wine tasting

So my birthday last Tuesday.   Was a little mixed in feelings.   Had been worried about the girls all weekend because they just seem not to be getting into this new school as smoothly.   So had teacher meetings on my birthday just to have a chat.   Still felt unhappy after it all.   Then birthday improved with pressies and dinner to Mexican restaurant that had 14 tequilas on the menu.   Forgot to take pictures we were so hungry we just dug right in when it came.   Home for Ice cream cake!!  
Had friends come to visit on Thursday and Friday Eric and I went out to a Wine Tasting night.  Funny after almost 4 years I perfer Australian wine over BC wine.   Don't like USA wine at all!!    I didn't have my camera but there was a little one lady dressed to the nines at this event.   Man was she an inspiration.   I hope to be as cute and as posh as she is when that age hits.  (I'd say she was in her 80's)
So good to get away from the kids for just us time.   And someone even commented that I look 30!!!  The rest of the weekend is just hanging up some photos, digging around outside and just enjoying the sun.