Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday was a busy day. Getting the kids into a school, bank sorted and other numerous things on our list. After it all, (most of it very boring for the kids), we decided to head out and do something fun. "Boo at the Zoo" It is held at the BC wildlife park. Lots of fun. Freezing!!! We did dress right!! But lots of fun. They have haunted houses, trick or treating, mazes, train rides and lots of spooky decorations. The pictures suck as I just had Eric's point and shoot which I don't like. But it is a taste. We have to come back and get a season's pass. Apparently they do another big event like this for Christmas. Somewhere in the Halloween crazy is wolves, moose, bears, cougars and other wildlife that you can observe. We went out for dinner and I was suppose to run around at rugby and say hi but man I have turned into a wimp and the thought of running around in this weather with the snow flying (I'm not 22 anymore) I just can't do it.
It's all good though!
I'll try to go next week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Deli's, Totem Poles, House Hunting, Halloween decorations and Reasons Why Franchise's Really don't come to small towns!!!!!!

I am sorry to all my fellow foodie friends out there. I have been exploring the many many grocery stores out here in Kamloops and the Deli's are unbelievable. French Brie from France!!! Irish Guiness Cheese, English Beer Cheese, and it goes on. But to all of you that said poo to me the bad side is I don't have anyone to invite over and share this with. I am still a little fish in a big pond without friends and only so much stomach to fit this all in.
I have been driving past this totem pole near if you can see in the corner a Tim Hortens donut store. Tim Horten was a hockey player. So including a little taste of our Aboriginal/ Native culture in this blog.
We have been house hunting. Nothing is jumping out at us and with this week being my week to decide where to put the kids in school so that we don't have to yank them out and put them in another school. Well it isn't looking good. I will have to just hope we find a house in the area of the school I am finding the most connection with. But we are enjoying see all the Halloween Decorations up around the town. Here is just one of the many blow up decorations out in front of many homes around here. The kids want to do it too but unfortunately this town house complex is pretty anal about what they do and don't allow so next year!!
Now for all of my friends from Cobar and Red Lake area that have been told over and over that store franchises can't come to those areas because there isn't enough people. I have found out last night the real reason they won't come to our area....... I was waiting in line at Walmart or close enough to a Big W in Australia. The lady in front of me went to the check out and the service lady told her she couldn't serve her because she knew here.?!?!?!? So there it is ladies. It isn't because there isn't enough people in Cobar and Red Lake it is because in small towns everyone knows everyone and therefore they can't serve any of us!!!!!!
Hope this gives you a laugh.
It's all good!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain and Balls in the House

Rain ,Rain, Rain. Kamloops needs it they get less rain fall then Cobar does a year. But it is kind of hard to get motivated to go exploring with the kids. Last night I went out by myself for 2 hours of looking and grocery shopping. Stores are open until 11pm!!! It was a much needed outing as the four of us are going stir crazy together. So mom is recharged and ready to face the day.
Since it is raining my parenting has become a little lax. I am allowing Owen to kick the ball in the house. (once I see if the neighbour is out of the house!!) He is getting good. He can drop kick!!! He can also dribble and bounce the ball and catch it?!?!?! He even pumps his hands in the air and says yah!!! The girls just are getting that concept. Boys are still a mystery to me.
It's all good!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kamloops Slowly Exploring

Here is our temporary rental until we find a house. There is stairs so the kids just love it. I wish it had a yard so they could run outside. They need it. They need school but we are finding narrowing down a place hard. I was giving it until November 2nd before I started them. I don't know if one more week with them at home is going to keep me sane!!! Love them but they have hit the complaining stage. Trying to get them anywhere with out a car is like pulling all my hairs out slowly!!! Though we found a Nature Park close to the house and they saw the bus system. They are interested..... so maybe I can figure out how to get somewhere on it and go with all three.
This is Eric's work vehicle that we get to use until we find another car. It is big. I almost need a step stool to get into it!!!
This is a view from one of the houses we are looking at. View is amazing. House.....

Just some of the fall scenery. It has been very rainy here. Much nicer to explore when it is warm and fall.
This sign greeted us at the beginning of the Nature Park. Ciara and Hannah wanted me to read it. When it said what to do with Bears and Cougars if spotted. Ciara burst into tears and refused to go on the trail because she didn't want to get eaten. Then she continued to cry stating that she wanted to move back to Cobar. She missed her friends, her teachers, her house etc etc. Eric wonders why I am burnt out when he gets home. I'm struggling myself with all the emotions of starting fresh then add three other humans to the mix and I just don't cope well. I finally got her moving after showing her that we could see any bear or cougar coming for a long way off . Also a jogger went ahead of us so I told her if he saw anything he would turn around and run right back to us and warn us. So off we went. Here are the views.

Owen has started given me this cheesy grin every time I try and take photos of the three of them. It is funny to look back at but I hope it doesn't last too long.
It's all good!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dairy Queen in Kamloops

Okay not much photos of Kamloops yet. It was been rainy and cold! So towing three complaining kids without a car in a city of 100 thousand hasn't been much fun. They complain up a blue streak walking 6 blocks to go down town to the library and other interesting places. I forgot to pack the stroller. So that is on my too do list. Dairy Queen on the other hand is just about 3 minutes from the hotel. So....... Which I am not complaining about I have missed Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfaits!!!
I have been a little homesick for Cobar, and homesick for Ontario. British Columbia is new and family still isn't just a quick car ride away.
We have been house hunting and the views when the mist lifts with all the mountains will be beautiful. The trees are changing colours and I have fallen in love with some of the heritage houses in the old downtown. I thought I would want acreage. Now the girls and I aren't sure.
I'll keep you all posted. We are moving into our townhouse rental today. (don't get too excited it is a roof over our heads) There is a walking trail very close the house so hopefully I can snap some photos of Kamloops for all to see. Keep looking I'll have more adventures to post when we get more settled. It has just been a week.
It's still all good!

Peanut Buster Parfait!!! YUMMY!!!

I think Owen agrees!!!!!

Day Dream Island in Queensland's Whitsunday

Before we flew out of Australia. We wanted to see one more place of the 200 thousand places we still hadn't seen in Australia. The plan some summer before heading back to fall and winter weather in Canada. So Queensland and the Whitsunday became the goal. Ciara wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef for her birthday. ( I really think she may go into the marine life field for a job. She just loved learning all about the reef life and could teach us) Hannah wanted some beach and the rest of us just wanted to think of nothing for a while. Day Dream Island accomplished all of it and more.
Enjoy it was beautiful and sorry to rub it in.
It was more then good!!!

Last Days in Cobar

The moving van came to Jones Drive and packed up our belonging. Broke the cart that was taking the piano out of the house!!! The girls had carnival day on the last day of term 3 in Cobar Public School. Hannah's class was studying Australia. So she dressed as a platypus. Ciara's class was studying United States of America. So she dressed as a cheerleader. They had a good day even though Hannah was under the weather. It was all so busy the last few days running around to see people. Staying in a transit house and finishing of the rugby union 10's tournament and rodeo!!
It's all good!